The hall has high speed internet wifi available throughout the hall

Projector and Films

A top of the range projector is available for presentations and the hall is equipped with surround sound and screen for films

 Main Hall

The main hall measures 17 m x 7 m with a permanent small stage at one end.


It has capacity for 130 seating or around 180 standing. The hall is equipped with sound absorbing baffles which make it very suitable for live music/film and presentations as there is no large space echo

Upstairs Meeting Room

This room is ideal for business meetings and can have table and chairs as well as the sofas


Kitchen & Courtyard


The kitchen has a large cooker, fridge, catering dishwasher and plenty of work space.  There is crockery and cutlery for about 90 people and 14 large tables (6×3) with 6 small coffee tables available, as well as around a 100 chairs.

A counter worktop divides the Kitchen from an area that can seat around 20 people, or be used as an indoor activity area.  There are patio doors out to a paved courtyard, measuring 5m x 5m, and a small planted area with an attractive garden

View a plan of the Hall


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