Firle Village Hall Limited is a company limited by guarantee with charitable objects

Firle Village Hall Limited is a registered Charity No 1147473

Its purpose is to provide community facilities for the benefit of the local community.  You can download our articles of association here

Articles of Association Firle Village Hall and Playing Fields

Directors of Firle Village Hall Ltd:

J Gribble, M Berridge, Mike Hole & P Woolgar

Committee Members:

Chairman                                    – Jimmy Gribble

Vice Chairman                            - Mike Hole

Secretary                                     -  Mary Berridge

Treasurer                                    -  Penny Woolgar

Bookings Secretary –               -   Vanessa Tarr

Firle Cricket Club:                    -    Mike Hole

Firle Bonfire Society                   -  Will Hole – David Fox Wilson

Firle Church                                -  Hugh Barnes

Firle Choir                                    – Helen Bazzard

Firle Tennis Club                        - Carro Wostenholme

Firle School                                 -  Vanessa Tarr

Firle & Beddingham W.I.   – Cath Stocken

Farming Community        – Andrew Barr

Firle Parish Council           – Andrew Barr

Firle Over 50′s Club          – Penny Woolgar

Friday Coffee Morning         – Mary Berridge

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