Hall Hire Rates 2021

We offer a reduced rate for anyone who is affiliated to Firle Village Hall.  See if you qualify

                                                      Affiliated                    Non Affiliated

Hourly                                              £12 *                                      £17

Regular bookings (min 10)           £10                                         £12

* Affiliated rate only available for non profit activities 


6 Hour Slot                                     £60                                        £85

every hour after                              £  5                                        £10


Sat/Sun for Private Parties              £200                                  £800


Fundraising events for Local Community – one offs               free


There is also a  deposit  (amount at the discretion of the Hall Committee) payable for all events involving alcohol consumption and for all non affiliated events. This deposit is returned to you after your event when the hall has been checked for damages or breakages.

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