The Hall is managed by a committee comprising representatives of the following groups, clubs and societies.  If you are a member of any of these, you can rent Firle Village Hall at the reduced rate for Affiliated members as each group has paid a subscription to the Hall

Representatives of Village Clubs and Societies 2016

Firle Cricket Club:              – Mike Hole

Firle Bonfire Society          – Dave Fox

Firle Church                            - Hugh Barnes

Firle Tennis Club                  – Carro Wostenholme

Firle School                            -  Emily Bright

Firle & Beddingham W.I.   –  Anne Dobson

Farming Community           – Andrew Barr

Firle Parish Council              - Finn Kennedy     (For anyone who lives in Firle Parish)

Firle Over 50′s Club             - Penny Woolgar

Friday Coffee                          -  Mary Berridge